Pisces october 21 weekly horoscope

You may be having some run-ins with your family today. A rethinking of your principles motivates you to clear up some troubling issues with your parents, and in particular your father. It's possible that everyone will find you more outspoken than usual. While conflicts will tire you out and you may dream of running away from them, remember that you started this confrontation and are responsible for seeing it through to the end Has someone got their eye on you? Find out for sure, here! You could feel a little surprised at someone's behavior. Perhaps a loved one is making some choices that seem impulsive.

Weekly Horoscope: October 7 - 13 - VICE

You could have a niece, cousin, or sibling who is going through some challenging times. Although you might be tempted to step in an offer advice, this person might not want to listen to you. Or you could notice a young acquaintance who is handling something in an inappropriate way. Find a kind but clear way of educating them. Something may be working to get your dander rising today. Hot tempers and strong opinions are being voiced right and left.

Go with the flow and try to see the big picture. You will be seeking extra attention from others, especially when it comes to your needs and emotional issues.

People will be snappy and hot-tempered, so be careful. Don't let other people's actions upset you. Arguing will only make the situation worse. Give the situation a little bit of time, and you will find that many issues will work themselves out. Today you could be a powerful speaker. If you have to give a presentation or an interview, you'll have a magical way with words.

Trust your thoughts to arrange themselves in perfect word pictures. Allow your ideas to come through and to flow outwards. Others will appreciate your catchy turn of phrase and your witty way with words.

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It's a good day to use those considerable verbal powers of yours! Motivate your team and keep them encouraged. A team mate may try to shun responsibilities.

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Try to be tactful. You may receive an interest on some long back invested money which will keep you surprised. To unfold what lies further ahead, take a look at your Pisces weekly and Pisces monthly horoscope.

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